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Since the beginning of R.L. Beyer, Rick Beyer has focused on sustainability issues—the careful siting of houses, the preservation of trees, and a dedication to solidly constructed homes—because he believes energy efficiency and the overall quality of your home are closely linked.

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The goal at R.L. Beyer is to ensure peace of mind through every step of the home building process. An in-house draftsmen oversees every custom home design. A personal interior design consultant guides you through color, finish and design selections. Of eighteen carpenters, eleven have been with R.L. Beyer longer than 10 years, which ensures your home is built the way you want it and built right. When the keys are turned over, R.L. Beyer provides a thorough, multi-step, one-year warranty protecting your home.

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Staff Photo Staff Photo Bert Creasy - 25 years Travis Hamshar - 9 years William Eppard - 1 year James Serret - 21 years Ryan Morris - 6 years Andy Hamshar - 29 years Justin Morris - 2 years Rick Beyer - founder Paul Beyer - 4 years Diana Beyer - founder Jamie Newton - 16 years Dianne Ratcliff - 24 years Heath Arliss - 10 years Kathy Lent - 20 years Ray Morris - 28 years Mac Eppard -  1 year Teddy Cosner - 29 years Buck Morris - 8 years Kenny Eppard - 24 years Sam Christmas - 4 years Eugene Offield - 24 years CJ Crawford - 11 years John Athey - 19 years

The R.L. Beyer family is blessed with an incredibly loyal team. Sixteen of our twenty employees have been with Rick and Diana longer than 10 years, while R.L. Beyer's designer, Teddy Cosner, is at 33 years and the three construction supervisors are over 30 years each. The average company-wide is 21 years, and many carpenter have their sons working alongside them.


Anchored by architectural masterpieces such as Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and University of Virginia, Charlottesville is consistently ranked among the very best places to live in America. The Downtown Mall, a paved pedestrian Main Street, is nationally known for its period architecture, fine dining, and entertainment. The world renowned University of Virginia Health System has become the nexus for health care on the entire East Coast. Charlottesville is infused with a captivating mix of history, architecture, Southern hospitality and cultural sophistication.

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For over 40 years, R.L. Beyer has served Charlottesville and Albemarle with distinguished homes of integrity and beauty. This family run company and our dedicated employees protect and preserve our environment with energy efficient building practices.

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