Rick Beyer 1972
Rick Beyer today

Since 1972, Rick Beyer has focused on sustainability—the careful siting of houses, the preservation of trees, and a dedication to solidly constructed homes—believing that the energy efficiency and the overall quality of your home are closely linked.

Was the extra care taken to frame the house level and tight? Were top grade caulks and sealants used? Were the windows and doors and insulation installed correctly? Were the heating and air ducts sized properly so that the whole house is comfortable? When purchasing a house, these fundamentals are not always apparent, but impact the comfort of your home by lessening drafts, dust, moisture, pollen, pests and noise, and improve its long term maintenance.

In 2005, R.L. Beyer began partnering with third party assessors to quantify many of these unseen features. R.L. Beyer homes often times use up to 40% less energy than a standard home. R.L. Beyer customers save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. It makes economic and environmental sense.